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Egyptian Logistic full service goes way beyond transport, with supplemental services and maximum security. Transport Liability for carriers is limited to a weight-based maximum sum
– completely independent of the actual value of the freight. Egyptian Logistic advises and assists its customers in obtaining coverage of all transport services.
- Competent consulting services at no charge.
- Order directly with Egyptian Logistic.
- Cooperation with first-class international insurers.
- No brokerage fees or commissions.
- Coverage of all risks based on purchase price.
- Damage claims processin.

Air Freight

Egyptian Logistic handles both inbound and outbound airfreight shipments. We provide professional advice to customers in
planning and documentation for their shipments; our professional staff has the knowledge, connections and is always prepared to
get your shipments to the destinations on time.

Sea Freight

Egyptian Logistic offers a comprehensive range of Sea freight. And through our years-long involvement in the sea freight industry, we have agreements with multiple carriers giving us total schedule flexibility. Our international network of reliable partners allows us to offer a complete sea freight service program through a door-to-door delivery of cargo to and from virtually in the world, packing, marine insurance, port handling,…etc

Inland Transportation

Today it is possible to expand existing businesses, enter new markets and outsource a complete range of services - or simply contract interim transportation. Handled by Egyptian Logistic with high service quality, flexibility and effective supervision of distant operations.

Custom Clearance

Egyptian Logistic can conduct the custom clearance among all Egyptian ports for export and import cargoes with no limits and best service, promising to update our customers with any change in custom regulations/claims as well as the latest events in Custom Tariffs, Our experienced staff is committed to provide importers & exporters with the most efficient, accurate, costeffective and personalized custom services available across the Egyptian Borders.

P & I

Egyptian Logistic carry out all kind of survey to vessel’s, cargoes, draft survey, damage to fixed objects, collision, grounding, underwater survey, condition survey and all other kinds of survey using professional and specialized surveyors on behalf of Ship owners / P&I Clubs / Charterers.
We handle all kinds of cargo claims, examining documents reporting on each case in a realistic way proceeding in amicable settlements procedures.

Ship Crew

Egyptian Logistic offer complete crew management services to all types of vessels through our crew competence centers located
in most of the seafaring nations across the globe.
We ensure cost effectiveness, efficiency and increased comfort to our customers who are ship owners and ship managers.
In order to provide properly qualified seafarers we ensure careful screening and selection procedures ahead of deployment. In addition, we provide continuous education and training ashore as well as onboard in agreement with Owners to achieve desired levels of competence.


Egyptian Logistic specializes in the international trade of commodities. As growers, we are able to offer a variety of agro-foods at competitive prices while ensuring fast and reliable transportation gained through our extended experience in shipping. The combination of trade and transport truly provides us with our key success factor.
Our competitive advantages are rooted in the quality of our product, efficiency of delivery, and dedication to customer service.



About Egyptian Logistic

Egyptian Logistic founded in the year 2010, evolving into a full service provider in the logistics field.
- All means of transport make up the core business of Egyptian Logistic shipping.
- Worldwide and customized. Asia, the Middle East. Africa and the USA are served along with countries that border Egypt and all of Far eastern.Read more...

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